Videris Health LLC was founded in 2014 to empower cancer patients with curated and personalized information about their health conditions and with resources to improve their quality of life.

We are based in Seattle and in New York City and want to work with progressive healthcare delivery systems to serve people facing cancer world-wide.

The name we chose for the company, Videris, is Latin for “you are seen and understood”. We are convinced that traditional metaphors used for cancer are inadequate and that “seeing and understanding” can demystify, inform, and empower patients and their care communities.

Information technology tools exist now to allow patients to understand fully and to have complete ownership of their diagnoses from the time it is made throughout the course of their therapy. These tools are now inexpensive, secure, and allow patient-driven sharing and collaboration. Therefore providing this information to patients is no longer a value-added option, it is truly a professional ethical obligation for all care providers.

We believe that the educated, engaged, and empowered patient wants and needs to become a partner with their care team and with the cancer research community. By satisfying their patients’ urgent and fundamental needs for dignity and control, healthcare providers can improve their relationships with the people and the communities they serve.

Meet the team.

Ed Butler
Ed ButlerCo-founder
Ed leads product development, customer development, and marketing. He has been a healthcare change agent for over 20 years. As a management consultant he has driven strategic initiatives for payers, hospitals, and medical practices. Ed held technical and marketing leadership roles at GE Healthcare, IDX Systems, and in healthcare data standards organizations HL7 and X12N.
Gregory S Henderson, MD, PhD
Gregory S Henderson, MD, PhDCo-founder
Dr. Henderson is the Chief Medical Officer and provides a strategic vision for the company. He is a board-certified Pathologist with a commitment to patient empowerment. He is an active thought leader within the pathology profession. He has been a physician executive for pathology groups and integrated delivery systems for over 10 years.
How about you?
How about you?Development partners, advisors and team members
We are recruiting development partners, advisors, and members of our operational team. Contact us to learn more.