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Cape Lookout, Oregon extends over a mile out into the Pacific Ocean. Its hard volcanic rocks withstand incessant pressure of waves, wind, and temperature changes. It stands as a visual reminder of the power of resilience and also a testament to the inevitability of change. The soft sandy beaches surrounding it are what is left of earlier headlands.

The visual imagination is a key part of our human story. “Videris” means, in Latin, “you are seen”, “you are perceived”, “you are understood”. Seeing and understanding have been closely linked, conceptually, in this word, derived from Sanskrit, an ancient language family of many of the worlds cultures.

Greg Henderson and I began working together about two years ago to combine two areas that we had been pursing separately: the digitization of pathology information (slides, pathology reports, predictive biomarkers) within a sharable personal health record controlled by the patient, and the mobilization of a supportive network of family, friends, and professionals ready to help patients.

For the first year our website was a place-holder while we developed our product concepts and discussed with patients, care givers, and cancer professionals. The current website is the beginning of a larger conversation. The Videris Health services are still a work in progress, and we are now ready to work with cancer centers, patients, cancer researchers, advocacy organizations, and care givers. Our goal is to empower people facing cancer. We can only do this by working together with patients, care givers, providers, and researchers. Please join with us to help improve the lives of everyone facing cancer.

EdButler Sept2014

Ed Butler