“… illness is not a metaphor, and that the most truthful way of regarding illness—and the healthiest way of being ill—is one most purified of, most resistant to, metaphoric thinking. “

Susan Sontag


Over 1.3 million new cancer cases are diagnosed each year in the USA. The World Heath Organization estimated 14 million new cases globally in 2012, a number that will rise by 77% over the next two decades.  Behind each new case is a person, a family, and a community suddenly facing a new set of challenges.

The metaphors used over the ages to describe cancer, from crabs to battlefields, obscure the physical realities that are now discoverable- and made visible- so that patients can understand and make informed decisions about their medical, financial, social, and spiritual pathways forward.

With tools offered by Videris Health, cancer centers can provide their patients regain control over their lives and their families and friends can better support them through this new period of their lives.


We provide patients with a digital repository of their diagnostic findings, including staging information from their pathology reports, the status of lab tests for key biomarkers that may influence treatment decisions. Patients receive a curated set of clinical documentation about their diagnoses so that they can, if they chose, share with family, friends, and with other providers.




We are forming a patient advisory council. Please contact us if you would like to participate.